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    Shandong international energy saving and new energy automobile exhibition

    Clicks:5352017-02-22 16:44:18 Source: Hebei WEIFU Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Time: August 28, 2015 -30 days
    Venue: Ji'nan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shandong
    The main content: our company participated in the Shandong international energy saving and new energy automobile exhibition, promotion of our products -- new energy power brake system, and to establish friendly relations of cooperation with all the new energy automobile factory.

    In August 28, 2015, our company sales department, propaganda department personnel to Shandong Province, Ji'nan Province in 2015 to participate in the international energy saving and new energy automobile exhibition in Shandong.

    During the exhibition, my team members to various exhibitors display and detection of brake booster system produced by our company, and explain its performance and specifications, and ultimately to more energy, more environmentally friendly, more science and technology won recognition and approval from all walks of life and industry, and saichi, Wang, Feng Hua and other manufacturers of electric vehicle cooperation intention.

    With the new energy to become the national key support project, will focus on supporting the new energy high-tech industry special field and special projects, new energy vehicles is the inevitable direction of development of the automotive industry, our company focus on the production of new energy automobile brake booster system, with more innovation, more scientific, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and safer for production purposes well, to each product details, strictly defensive the rate of qualified products, each batch of safe and efficient products into the market.

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