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    2015 to participate in e-commerce promotion and seminars

    Clicks:6022017-02-22 16:44:29 Source: Hebei WEIFU Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Time: November 17, 2015
    Location: Renxian County Xingtai County Government
    Speaker: Yin Hongchun
    Main content: in view of the county e-commerce understanding of its business prospects, really hard work, do

    e-commerce promoter, salesman, waiter, the dissemination of e-commerce business culture.

    On the afternoon of November 17, 2015, the Xingtai municipal government of Renxian County county was carried out

    by Tianjin University professor Yin Hongchun Ms. speaker on e-commerce promotion seminar will seat. I was invited to

    attend the lecture, lecture will show the comprehensive implementation of the party's the fifth Plenary Session of the

    18th CPC Central Committee spirit, adhere to the road of sustainable development department. First, to maintain economic

    growth. "13th Five-Year" period Chinese development environment, conditions, tasks, requirements have changed.

    The requirements of mining growth potential, development power, Houzhi development advantages, expand the 

    space for development, promote economy level. The city should also actively cooperate with the national policy, 

    the open management of the Internet, fully integrated market, regional business globalization has greatly promoted 

    the application of the data, the development of e-commerce industry, but also led to the development of the national

     economy; the two is that the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy. China will promote 

    innovation in the fields of science and technology, industry, enterprise, market, product, format and management.

     E-commerce industry should also respond positively to the national call for the introduction of high-tech talent, 

    adhere to innovation, incentive system reform; three is to optimize the industrial structure. In order to enhance economic

     competitiveness, China will transform traditional industries, foster strategic emerging industries, the development of

     service industries, and actively cultivate new formats and business models. Tianjin capital Yin Chunhong also said that

     the e-commerce industry should adhere to the road of sustainable development, to save, efficient and other

    development path.

    Finally, summed up the understanding of the prospects for the development of the county electricity supplier, really hard

     work, do e-commerce promoter, salesman, waiter, the development of e-commerce business culture.

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